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Proud to call Orlando our home!

System - Monday, June 20, 2016

The Jander Group first opened its doors in the Orlando area almost 30 years ago after we recognized a need for professional, residential property management in the area. After the recent terrible events of senseless violence in our community, we reflect back to our humble beginnings and quickly realize how far our community has come since then.

In the face of terrible loss, our community has come together and rallied around common love for one another. We have never been prouder to call Orlando our home.

People often ask why we live in Orlando and why anyone would want to move to this hot, buggy, and humid city. One would think that the only thing we have going for us is Disney World, Universal and all the other tourist attractions on International Drive. But, our community showed the world that we are made of substance to the core and we are so much more than tourism.

While the national news outlets raced in to capture the tragedy, our first responders, local leaders, residents, churches, hospitals, and community groups, just to name a few, were already hard at work on the front lines caring for our people with love and compassion. We know that national news outlets try their best to accurately present news to the world; but, in case there have been gaps for some people, the world should know that Orlando is a unified community supporting our citizens and caring for everyone. Normally, people see the ugly on national news, but we hope that people see the beauty of our community that has radiated locally from this tragedy.

So many times when tragedy strikes a community, the special interest groups, politicians and those with their own agenda come out of the rafters to promote dissension among those trying to help and the focus is taken off of what is really important. This never happened in our wonderful city and all the credit goes to our leaders, dedicated law enforcement, medical personnel and of course loving residents. When a call came out for blood, the world saw our residents immediately lined up on the streets in droves with there being more people than the donation centers could logistically accommodate being at full capacity. A over a week later, blood is still needed and for our residents that live or work near University of Central Florida there is an upcoming blood drive this coming Monday, June 27th, 2016.

This past Saturday, June 18th, 2016, our local and wildly supported Major League Soccer team, Orlando City, provided our citizens another space to come together in support of the city. Our local leaders were present as Orlando City wore its new #OrlandoUnited patch. In the 49th minute of the match, the ball was kicked out of play and everyone in attendance stopped for a moment of silence in remembrance of those lost in the recent tragedy. In a game that prides itself on continually play without timeouts, this action on the part of the players, coaches, referees, and all in attendance was truly impactful.

On Sunday evening when flying into Orlando, I saw dark clouds in the distance and low and behold on top of those clouds was a faint rainbow. Terrorism is hate that is meant to divide but rainbows are promises of God’s love. Orlando showed God’s love to the world and we should all be proud to call this home!

Suzanne Musashe
Director of Property Management
The Jander Group, Inc.