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Orlando Property Management Company tips for Decorating on a Budget - Resources

System - Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Authors: Andrew Musashe, District Manager, and Hope McDavid with Hope McDavid Interiors.


The Jander Group knows that just about everyone these days operates on a pretty strict budget. Being a licensed real estate firm for almost 30 years specializing in residential real estate, we know people cherish where they live and desire to make their home beautiful. The Jander Group has teamed up with local interior design expert, Hope McDavid, to present a new blog series titled Decorating on a Budget to bring tips and recommendations for how to decorate your home without breaking the bank. This multi-part series will include interviews with Hope that delve into her recommendations and expertise on decorating.

The first installment in our series is Resources. In order practically transform a home to match the individual’s design dreams, the person must first have physical items to use. Many people wonder where great items at reasonable prices can be found. Hope McDavid tells us that “there are many places you can go and find great deals. A lot of people don’t want to spend a ton of money especially when they are renting, so I give you several resources to find furniture, accessories and even a source for fabric.

The first one is Home Goods, which is great for lamps, some furniture pieces, art work and accessories. I use Home Goods a good bit for my design jobs. The second resource I give you is Habitat stores and Goodwill stores. These are good places to find furniture pieces that may need painting.” One of the ways to get great value on furniture is to find pieces that are of good quality, but the color might be dated or not visually appealing. A little bit of furniture paint can transform a mundane piece of furniture into a centerpiece for a room all while not breaking the bank. When looking for larger room furniture options, Hope McDavid recommends “a store in Sanford called C&D Second Chance that is my top pick for bedroom furniture and dining room furniture.” For the small fabric details that can transform a piece, Hope says, “if you are needing to slipcover a piece of furniture of some seat cushions then Calico Corners is a good place for fabric. It’s there for you to take and you don’t have to order.”

Please watch the above video to see even more resource recommendations from Hope and we look forward to sharing the next part in this series.

If you are interested in Hope’s interior design services, her contact info is:
Hope McDavid Interiors
Instagram - @hopemcdavidinteriors
(407) 782-6602

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