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Orlando Property Management Company Support Local Businesses – The Porch

Andrew Musashe - Friday, March 03, 2017

Author: Suzanne Musashe, Director of Property Management

Suzanne tastes The Porch.

February 17th, 2017.

Winter Park has quite a few restaurants to choose from and tonight my husband and I tried The Porch, which is located at 643 North Orange Ave, Winter Park, Florida. If traveling from The Jander Group Greater Orlando Office located in Winter Park, the most direct route is through the beautiful streets of historic Winter Park. Very close to downtown Winter Park, The Porch is open Tuesday-Sunday for lunch and dinner and also offers late night options. This restaurant has an open atmosphere feeling with many TV’s (see pictures) playing a variety of sporting channels. It was lively on this Friday evening and everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves. I would say a younger crowd! We didn’t try the appetizers but they looked good with titles like Pretzel poppers and Flower sprouts. My husband and I selected a couple of the “house specialties.” I chose The Porch Boil, which consisted of 1/2 lb. boiled large peel and eat red shrimp, baby potatoes, andouille sausage, and small bites of corn on the cob. Many restaurants often mess up boils by making it overly boiled and soggy, but The Porch Boil was cooked just right. My husband thinks of himself as a fish taco connoisseur and pretty much orders them each time they are on a menu. His order consisted of 3 Fish Tacos made with fresh blackened Mahi. The tacos were topped with slaw, fresh pico de gallo, and cilantro crème in flour tortillas. They were served with a fresh green side salad. He said his meal was very tasty. We were both part of the “clean plate club” so obviously we enjoyed!

Both meals were priced under $15.00 which I felt was very reasonable for fresh ingredients! Of course I couldn’t resist getting dessert. I ordered what they call “fun fries” which is strips of funnel cake and apple pie fries sprinkled with cinnamon and powdered sugar and dipping salted caramel sauce. Served hot and yummy!! On Friday evening there were singles, couples, families with children and all seemed to be enjoying themselves.

Just an FYI The Porch has daily specials:

Tuesday - 1/2 price burgers with $3-5 craft beers

Wednesdays - Kids eat free

Thursdays - all the wings you can eat and half price drinks

Sundays - all you can eat buffet with endless supply of Mimosas!

If this blog post is making you consider renting a home in Winter Park, you can always check our website to see if we have any available. We actually have one available right now! If you have questions about the city, please call our office to discuss with one of our expert leasing agents. We are local and know the area very well. Remember, our Greater Orlando Office is located in Winter Park!

Orlando Property Management Company Support Local Businesses – Francesco’s Ristorante

Andrew Musashe - Friday, March 03, 2017

Author: Andrew Musashe, District Manager

Andrew visits one of his favorites – Francesco’s Ristorante

February 20th, 2017.

I was challenged by The Jander Group’s Director of Property Management, Suzanne Musashe, to share one of my favorite local restaurants. There are many reasons why I chose to make my first restaurant stop Francesco’s Ristorante located at 400 S. Orlando Avenue, Maitland, Florida:

  1. I am Italian and love Italian Food.
  2. Francesco’s is conveniently located just a couple of miles from The Jander Group Greater Orlando Office in Winter Park, FL.
  3. The lunch menu is reasonably priced, offers tasty food, and generous portions.
  4. The atmosphere is relaxing.
  5. Personal special significance to me.

If you are hungry and near The Jander Group Greater Orlando Office located in Winter Park, Florida, I highly recommend that you visit Francesco’s Ristorante to dine on some great Italian food in a relaxed setting. There are many Italian restaurants in the Greater Orlando area, but you will be hard-pressed to find one that offers better food for the price than Francesco’s. This is a great restaurant to take a client, friend, or family as the relaxed atmosphere lends itself to actually talking with one another! I highly recommend disconnecting from outside distractions by keeping your smart phone in your pocket and enjoying the great food and your company.

If you are dining alone, you can sit at the bar and watch the chef’s prepare your food. There is a TV at the bar but you better like football (soccer) as that is the only thing I have ever seen playing there.

Now to what I ate. I ordered one of my favorites – the stromboli with the house mixed garden salad. Suzanne also ordered the stromboli (it is really good) with the ceasar salad. The stromboli is enormous and stuffed with sausage, pepperoni, onions, and green peppers. The stromboli crust is crisp yet tender and moist. You will want to keep eating it, but you will have to be famished to come close to eating it all in one sitting. Most restaurants overload their salads with dressing typically to hide the lack of freshness in the ingredients. Francesco’s house salad is delicately tossed in just the right amount of house dressing to highlight the freshness of the local greens and vegetables.

The lunch stromboli with salad is a great value at $9.95. Unless you are a huge eater, you will basically get two meals from it.

Perhaps you have only been reading to find why Francesco’s has a personal significance to me. They catered my wedding rehearsal dinner and did a fantastic job! Highly recommend Francesco’s catering services.

The Jander Group specializes in Maitland rental homes, which are highly sought after. To see if we have any Maitland rental homes available, please visit The Jander Group Website. They typically do not last long. If you have questions about living in Maitland, Florida, please call our office to discuss the city with our friendly and professional staff. There are also investment home opportunities in Maitland, Florida.

Remember, support local businesses and visit The Jander Group Greater Orlando Office in Winter Park, Florida!

Orlando Property Management Company Support Local Businesses - Donut King

Andrew Musashe - Sunday, February 12, 2017

Author: Suzanne Musashe, Director of Property Management

Suzanne tastes Donut King.

Today, I checked out Donut King which is the 2nd restaurant on the Orlando Weekly list. So glad I am not on a diet when starting this project since my first choice is a donut shop!

This tiny restaurant is located in Winter Park, Florida just a hop, skip, and jump from The Jander Group’s Greater Orlando Office also located in Winter Park. Donut King recently opened this location at 3716 Howell Branch Road, which is probably why I was not yet familiar with it. The Jander Group actually manages quite a few Winter Park investment homes very close to this new Donut King. If you are not familiar with Winter Park, you may find more information on our website and by visiting the City of Winter Park’s website.

I know, I know, you want to know about the donuts! I have been known to make a few goodies in my day so no better person at The Jander Group to taste a few donuts than me!! Upon entering the restaurant the girls behind the counter were very friendly and willing to help me add pounds to my hips in my quest for the perfect donut. It took me at least 5 minutes to soak in all the goodies in front of me and on the wall behind the counter. What do I choose with so many choices? After asking a few questions and allowing a few return customers to place their orders ahead of me while I browsed, I was ready! I love chocolate and there is nothing better to get your morning started than chocolate and sugar. My 10 year old grandson always agrees with me on this one.

I chose 3 different kinds: 5 layer long large chocolate donut, a triangle large donut with a blueberry filling that was overflowing out the edges, and 2 red velvet cake donuts. I love chocolate, my husband loves blueberries and my grandson loves red velvet cake in case you were wondering how I came up with my selection from of dozens and dozens of donuts to choose from. I figured I will have a taste of each one to give you my true evaluation.

If I seem to be rambling on it is because I am now on a sugar high after sampling all three. Wow, these are the freshest and sweetest donuts that I have had in a long time. The FIVE layer chocolate one was very chocolatey and very moist with chocolate icing and pink sprinkles on top. The blueberry triangle had more blueberry filling than it could contain and I know my husband will be loving this one. It is shaped like a large glazed donut triangle with white icing and so fresh!! The red velvet cake donut was the least fancy but tasted just like red velvet cake and just the right amount of light glaze over top to make it very tasty. I am not sure if my pictures truly tell the story about the size of the chocolate and triangle donut I bought. I think they can be split by 3 and each person would feel like they had eaten a normal size donut. The red velvet cake donuts are a normal round donut size. I would highly recommend this shop when in the area or make a trip of it on a Saturday and surprise the kids!

I give this tiny restaurant a two thumbs up for taste, service and price. My bill came to $5 and change. Where can you get this much fabulous sweetness at this low price??

In case this article makes you want to find a nearby Winter Park rental home, you can always check our website to see if we have any available. Rental homes in this area tend to not last long as they are very sought after. Since there has not been any significant new housing developments in Winter Park for many years now, most of the homes are older on tree lined streets which adds to the charm. Since our Greater Orlando Office is located in Winter Park, we are experts in the Winter Park real estate market.

Looking forward to my next local restaurant stop.

Orlando Property Management Company Supports Local Businesses - Restaurants

Web Admin - Friday, February 10, 2017

Join The Jander Group, Inc. as we explore locally owned businesses.

Author: Suzanne Musashe, Director of Property Management

Living in Winter Park now for 35 years, I love to find locally owned restaurants to enjoy great meals in the Orlando area. Everyone knows about the chain restaurants and the huge restaurants frequented by tourists on International Drive and by the theme park attractions; but what about those small little places hidden away for local residents. I enjoy the places where the tables may be crowded together and not super fancy, but the food keeps you coming back. There is just something about finding a little gem that most people haven’t heard of that I love.

Knowing the area so well, I am regularly asked by newcomers for recommendations on where to eat. Whether it be recommending a new resident to a hidden gem or taking a client out for lunch to discuss our Orlando, Florida Property Management Services, I love connecting people with local businesses. I would not say I am a “foodie” by any means, but do on occasion go out to eat and feel that I am probably your average customer looking for decent food at an affordable price. More years ago than I would like to admit, I had three growing kids and when my schedule was too hectic to cook on a particular day, my husband and I had to find a restaurant serving quality food at a reasonable price.

In case you missed it, Orlando Weekly recently posted an article about small local restaurants. I plan to visit some of these as well as share my experiences with other great local restaurants. With that said - I will be your “Guinea Pig” on some of my upcoming restaurant stops and a regular at others.

I look forward to you joining me on this adventure and helping you connect more to the local Greater Orlando, Florida market.

Proud to call Orlando our home!

Web Admin - Tuesday, June 21, 2016

The Jander Group first opened its doors in the Orlando area almost 30 years ago after we recognized a need for professional, residential property management in the area. After the recent terrible events of senseless violence in our community, we reflect back to our humble beginnings and quickly realize how far our community has come since then.

In the face of terrible loss, our community has come together and rallied around common love for one another. We have never been prouder to call Orlando our home.

People often ask why we live in Orlando and why anyone would want to move to this hot, buggy, and humid city. One would think that the only thing we have going for us is Disney World, Universal and all the other tourist attractions on International Drive. But, our community showed the world that we are made of substance to the core and we are so much more than tourism.

While the national news outlets raced in to capture the tragedy, our first responders, local leaders, residents, churches, hospitals, and community groups, just to name a few, were already hard at work on the front lines caring for our people with love and compassion. We know that national news outlets try their best to accurately present news to the world; but, in case there have been gaps for some people, the world should know that Orlando is a unified community supporting our citizens and caring for everyone. Normally, people see the ugly on national news, but we hope that people see the beauty of our community that has radiated locally from this tragedy.

So many times when tragedy strikes a community, the special interest groups, politicians and those with their own agenda come out of the rafters to promote dissension among those trying to help and the focus is taken off of what is really important. This never happened in our wonderful city and all the credit goes to our leaders, dedicated law enforcement, medical personnel and of course loving residents. When a call came out for blood, the world saw our residents immediately lined up on the streets in droves with there being more people than the donation centers could logistically accommodate being at full capacity. A over a week later, blood is still needed and for our residents that live or work near University of Central Florida there is an upcoming blood drive this coming Monday, June 27th, 2016.

This past Saturday, June 18th, 2016, our local and wildly supported Major League Soccer team, Orlando City, provided our citizens another space to come together in support of the city. Our local leaders were present as Orlando City wore its new #OrlandoUnited patch. In the 49th minute of the match, the ball was kicked out of play and everyone in attendance stopped for a moment of silence in remembrance of those lost in the recent tragedy. In a game that prides itself on continually play without timeouts, this action on the part of the players, coaches, referees, and all in attendance was truly impactful.

On Sunday evening when flying into Orlando, I saw dark clouds in the distance and low and behold on top of those clouds was a faint rainbow. Terrorism is hate that is meant to divide but rainbows are promises of God’s love. Orlando showed God’s love to the world and we should all be proud to call this home!

Suzanne Musashe
Director of Property Management
The Jander Group, Inc.

Landscape Maintenance and Rental Properties

Web Admin - Thursday, February 11, 2016
While residents want to rent a nice looking home, they often have no interest, time, or knowledge on how to maintain the property. They may agree to landscape maintenance in the rental contract but it can be difficult for a property manager or owner to enforce. The owner can charge the tenant for maintenance or include landscape maintenance but it is not always practical to increase the rent with the full cost, particularly if the landscaping on the property is extensive.

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