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What Our Clients Are Saying

June 2018

The Jander Group managed all aspects of the rental of my house in Orlando from January 2002 through May 2018. The expert advice of Suzanne and Nicholas greatly simplified my work by having a very competent tenant vetting process, providing excellent maintenance for 16 years and paying all bills/invoices in a timely fashion. Their staff, in particular Kathy, Jacki, Becky and Rachel, provided up-to-date information and a keen oversight of my property. They handled the tenant communications and all necessary repairs and maintenance inside and outside the house. This was a completely hassle free relationship in which I, the landlord, did next to nothing.



July 2016

As a property owner, I have partnered with The Jander Group since 2002.  The only reason that remote ownership of multiple properties has worked has been the capabilities and professionalism of The Jander Group management and staff.  It is no easy task to appropriately balance the needs/interests of both tenants and owners.  The Jander Group's expertise and flexibility are key to this success.  Highly recommended to both property owners and renters.


June 2016

Have always had the best relationship with all Jander staff.  Always willing to go the extra step in assisting with maintenance requests in a prompt manner.  Great communication and a real pleasure dealing with.

Michael and Evonne T.

June 2016

Great Service & hospitality from Jacki Sobo from the 1st call to signing the lease.  Over all Jander Group has been fantastic to lease from, great customer service with any issues, and they have only been minor ones but excellent sense of urgency to correct as needed.  Highly recommend!

Dave Hadelman

June 2016

My experience with renting through Jander Group was very good.  We were able to communicate any concerns, receive quick responses, and adjust our lease as was needed for our specific situation.  I appreciate the effort that Jander Group made in order to offer us the best customer experience possible.

Andrea R.

June 2016
The Jander Group managed our rental home for 2 years.  We couldn't be any happier with the entire process, from the time it took to get the property rented, to the quality of the renters and the handling of any necessary repairs.  We would highly recommend Jander for property management.

Kiki F.

June 2016

Single family homes are an attractive investment option.  But the typical investor relies upon expert support throughout the "life cycle": property acquisition, tenant identification and management, property maintenance and ultimately property disposition.  This is especially true for an investor that lives outside of the area.

Having enjoyed six such life cycles over the past 15 years, we are delighted to be able to endorse the range of professional services offered by Jander.  Our expectations have consistently been exceeded at each step of the way.  They are a tremendous business partner.

Diane and Tom C.

May 2016

We had been residents for 9 years with Jander at the same property.  We were happy there and we would have stayed for another 6 until our youngest graduated High school.  But beyond our control we had to move.  Jander does what is in its control to make your stay at their homes great.  We like the home, the location and we had never had an issue with contacting them about any issues that weren't taken care of.  Kathy and Michael were the ones we dealt with the most.  We have sang your praises to other people looking to rent.  Thanks again for letting us live in your home for 9 years.

The Chamberlain Family

March 2016
I hope all is well. I wanted to write a letter of appreciation for Ms. Kathy Tyler the Maintenance Supervisor. I have been a resident in the Waterford Community and renting from The Jander Group for going on three years. I have been amazed time and time again when I have sent a service request and Ms. Kathy has worked so fast to have our request done. I had to take the time out of my busy schedule to give Ms. Kathy a kudos because she deserves it! Thank you for your time!

The Mcfarlane family

June 2015
Good Afternoon Jacki,
My family and I have decided to accept your invitation for another year of lease renewal. We have been extremely satisfied with the level of service from the Jander Group regarding maintenance issues, payment procedures, and the condition of the home in general.

James and Alison W.

May 2015
Our experience with Jander Group for the past 3+ years was wonderful! Everyone that we encountered at Jander Group always did their best to accommodate our request. More importantly, Jander Group upheld their obligation to the lease addendum, went above and beyond to expedite the return of the escrowed monies and made a very difficult situation seem a little easier. We greatly appreciate all of the wonderful customer service during our entire lease term with Jander Group.

John and Allison W.

August 2014
Jander has been managing my property for 8 years now. I would recommend them to anyone needing these professional services. They have very reliable repair services for small things that come up, so I don’t get bothered for every little thing. For larger repairs, or if expensive items need replacing, they go ahead and get an estimate, then contact me thru e-mail. I can give them approval to complete the work, or call someone else myself. Whenever I have an issue, or questions about something, I get a very prompt reply. The tenant they found for me has been wonderful. Some people think management services cost too much. Just go thru one nasty eviction, or tenant that is constantly giving you grief, (I’ve been thru both), and you realize a well-run team of professionals are worth it. I had very unsatisfactory management before, and was so unhappy, I almost sold the property rather than put up with the constant hassle. Thank goodness I decided to give it one more try, and found Jander.

Mindy T.

March 2014
I wanted to let you know how much I appreciated your help during the rental process. You were great. Thank you.


November 2013
I know people are quick to complain, and slow to show appreciation. I just wanted to share that every single vendor that we have encountered, including pressure washer/painters, has stood out as way above average to exceptional!!! Obviously, not by accident, it is a reflection of how you and Jander run your business.
I was talking with a great friend, J. C., about where we are living and when Jander Group came up he raved about the many years of relationship that he has had with your team.
Just wanted to say thanks!

D. B.

September 2013
I did want to make sure you know that I am really grateful for all your help and patience with everything that has gone on at the house. I know none of it was your fault but you listened to (and read) my frustrations and were never anything but kind and professional. I truly appreciate everything you've done and I would refer you to anyone.
I also wanted to make sure you know that all your vendors talked very highly of The Jander Group, which I found very impressive. Working in the home building industry, I have never seen such large number of devoted sub-contractors, and I'm not exaggerating. You, Kathy and the entire Jander Group have a really wonderful reputation and I have seen for myself why.
Thank you so much Gwen, I truly hope I never have to bother you again. Also, if you ever need a referral or testimonial - I would be very happy to provide you with one.

A. L.

July 2013
Your staff is great and always extremely professional. They handled any maintenance request, and all lease renewals in a very efficient manner and if I didn't think it would come out of me security deposit, I'd suggest you give them all a raise:)
Thanks for the all the help during the years.

D. H.

July 2013
Good morning Nicholas. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your assistance in selling my home in Oviedo. I would also like to thank Suzanne and the entire staff at Jander for managing and caring for my home since it became a rental many, many years ago. I always felt that it was in good hands with the team managing it and the staff was always so professional in their dealings with me. So a BIG Thank You to everyone on the staff. Have a great summer. From a very grateful heart.

L. C.

February 2013
My family and I thoroughly enjoyed our experience with Jander Group Property Management. The property we leased over the three years was top of the line amenities and in a location conducive to meeting our family needs. Andrew and the Jander Group staff were very accommodating upfront and timely in every need of service. I strongly recommend Jander Group Property Management as anyone's luxury housing rental choice.
Thank you, Jander Group, for making our relocation to Memphis a great living experience!

Brandon L.

February 2013
Thank you very much for the immediate response. I certainly enjoyed renting from The Jander Group and recommended my co-worker and his family to your company (which subsequently led to a contract). They love their rental and so did I. I have only great things to say about the Jander Group's properties and professional acumen to include your vendors! Andrew has always responded in a timely manner so I may have inadvertently sent the email to the wrong address; please let this be no reflection of his professional abilities. Thank you again for responding, for clarifying my interpretation, correcting the accounting error and for demonstrating outstanding customer service. I hope to work with the Jander Group again if I should find my family in the TN area.


October 2012
To Whom This May Concern:
It was my Husband’s and my pleasure to have rented a home with the Jander Group for almost ten years.
Nick and Suzanne Musashe, including their Staff were wonderful to work with.
Over the years we never had a problem having our requests taken care of in a professional, efficient and friendly manner.
I cannot say enough good about the Owners and their Staff......... they treated us as family and we more than appreciated their attention. My husband Jack, went Home to be with the Lord this past April so I cannot sign his name but he would totally agree. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to express our appreciations to and for Nick, Suzanne and their Staff.


October 2012
In the summer of 2004 we were transferred to Orlando from Jacksonville. I was relieved to come across the Jander Group for a home rental while we were waiting for our home to be built. Jacki made the process very easy. We rented a beautiful home and have a great experience with the Jander Group. Now, 8 years later when we decided to rent our home in Avalon Park there was no doubt in our minds then to use the Jander Group to manage our property. The week we listed it they found tenants and everything has been smooth sailing. I would recommend the Jander Group to anyone, both looking for a rental and renting their homes.


October 2012
It has been a pleasure renting from Jander Group. You have always been professional and prompt in repairing whatever needed to be fixed; Not to mention being able to rent wonderful homes! We will not, however, be renewing our contract as we will be taking over my parents’ home as they move into a small place. Thank-you again for the great service you have provided us. We wish all of you well in your endeavors. Please let us know when you are going to show the home.


March 2012
It has been a pleasure knowing you over the last 4 years. I hope we have been good customers and will always recommend you to anyone needing rental properties. I hope all goes well with you and if there is anything you ever need from me do not hesitate to call.

Howell E.

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