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Tenant Move-In Process

Tasks to Complete For Future Tenants


Please read the following steps below

in order to be ready for your move-in and

avoid any move-in delays.


Receive, Sign, and Return Your Lease Agreement

After our staff prepares your lease agreement, it will be promptly delivered to you.  Upon receipt, please fully read your lease agreement, sign the lease agreement on the designated LESSEE lines and promptly return it to our office as it is due back within ten (10) days of lease application approval.  If you should have any questions about the lease agreement upon receipt, please promptly contact your leasing agent.

**Please make absolutely no marks or notations on the lease agreement other than your signature and/or initials on the designed lessee lines.  Otherwise, The Jander Group will need to re-draft the lease, which may delay your move-in.**

Transfer the Utility Services into Your Name

As you will have read in the lease agreement, you are required to establish utility services to the home no later than the start date of your lease agreement and maintain the utility services for the entirety of the lease agreement.  Please make sure to promptly take care of this task for The Jander Group will NOT be able to give you keys to the house until you provide us with written verification that you have established all utility services (electricity, gas, water/sewer, and trash) in your name. 

**Do NOT wait until the day of your move-in to try to contact the utility companies for they often need a 3-5 business days to transfer service.  If you encounter any issues when transferring services into your name, please contact our maintenance department.**

Schedule Your Move-In Appointment

All move-in processing occurs at your local Jander Group Office during regular business hours.  Well in advance of your move-in date, please contact your leasing agent to schedule your move-in appointment.  If you wait until just a few days prior to your move-in to schedule your move-in appointment, there might be limited appointment times available.  Please make sure to be on-time for your move-in appointment.  If you miss your scheduled appointment time, we will try our best to complete your move-in processing upon arrival; however, there is a strong possibility that you may have to wait for other scheduled appointments to finish. 

**If you fail to arrive prior to 4:30 pm local time, you will have to wait until the next business day to complete the move-in process.  If you are traveling from a distance, please make sure you budget plenty of extra time in your travel plans in case you run into travel delays.**

Move-In Report

At your move-in appointment, you will be provided with the Move-In Report as described in your lease agreement.  The Jander Group provides you the first fourteen (14) days of your tenancy to note any pre-existing conditions via the Move-In Report. 

**Please remember that The Jander Group must receive the signed Move-In Report back from you within fourteen (14) days of lease commencement**



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