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Are you a Large Investment Group or Real Estate Investment Trust looking for a professional and trust management company?

The Jander Group, Inc. is fully equipped to handle large rental and investment property acquisition projects. We have extensive experience purchasing homes through all potential avenues. Our staff knows the nuances of REO and courthouse auction purchases having acquired hundreds of investment homes through these channels. The Jander Group has worked with multiple large investment groups as well as Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) to strengthen their portfolios with quality rental homes.

Why Hire The Jander Group for a Large Acquisition Project?

Experience, Professionalism, Accountability, and Integrity

Purchase Profitable Properties

If you want to maximize your portfolio’s profits, it is absolutely essential to have a realty firm that has expertise in investment property acquisition.  There are a multitude of factors that must be analyzed in order to determine a property’s investment potential and The Jander Group has proven time and time again to be able to distinguish between profitable purchases and money draining purchases. 

When a person has a major medical issue, that person seeks the absolute best medical care from the best doctors available.  Why would you not want the same level of expertise and skill when trusting a Real Estate Firm to purchase investment properties on your behalf? 

Expertise in Home Rehabilitation

After completing the first essential step of locating quality investment properties, oftentimes those properties will need rehabilitation work prior in order to be rentable.  There are many critical steps for a successful rehabilitation process.  Failing to efficiently and properly complete home rehabilitations will cause huge losses for a large investment group.  Every day an investment home is not rent-ready is a loss of potential income. 

The Jander Group has extensive experience in home rehabilitation having efficiently coordinated thousands of rehabs.  Our clients have been absolutely amazed at the timeliness and quality of our rehabilitation processes.  Our exemplary reputation allows us to capture the absolute best vendors with those vendors regularly putting our work first in line, which means quicker, more efficient, and cost saving rehabs for you.

We routinely purchase, complete the rehabilitation, and rent the investment properties for our clients prior to purchases our clients have made in other areas even beginning the rehab process.

Expertise in Securing Quality Tenants

Another critical element for investment properties is securing quality tenants. The Jander Group seeks and secures the absolute best available tenants through our proprietary methods developed and refined over the many decades we have been in business. Our straightforward, honest, and professional approach allows prospective tenants to quickly realize that we are not the run of the mill property management company.

Precise Accounting

Large Investment Groups and REITs often require detailed and precise accounting. Again, our clients are amazed at our meticulous and detailed accounting processes. It is not uncommon for us to hear from our clients, “we wish our property managers in other areas could produce at your level.”

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From Our Clients

" Single family homes are an attractive investment option.  But the typical investor relies upon expert support throughout the "life cycle": property acquisition, tenant identification and management, property maintenance and ultimately property disposition.  This is especially true for an investor that lives outside of the area.

Having enjoyed six such life cycles over the past 15 years, we are delighted to be able to endorse the range of professional services offered by Jander.  Our expectations have consistently been exceeded at each step of the way.  They are a tremendous business partner.

Diane and Tom C.

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